We all know the rays from the computer, laptop, mobile and TV screen causes disturbance in our sleeping structure and we have already been getting lesser night sleep, causing us to wake up late or to wake up super sleepy. But today, The Youth Magazine brings to you 5 quick tips to get a better night sleep. Do these 5 steps and we promise you would start getting good night sleep and a better morning. *Mummy khush hone waali hai sabki*

1. Take bath or shower with warm water in the evening:

Shower in the evening with warm water will relax your body and cool down your mind. Make sure you don’t bath hot water, just keep the water warm.

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2. Avoid bright screens within 1-2 hours of your bedtime:

The soft blue glow from a cell phone, tablet, or computer may hurt your sleep as the blue light tells our brain that it isn’t time to sleep, effecting on the quantity and quality of the sleep we are getting, according to the experts.

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3. Limit intake of caffeine or nicotine:

It is said that consuming caffeine 6 hours before bedtime reduced total sleep time by 1 hour.

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4. Avoid going to bed empty stomach:

Going to sleep empty stomach is a foolish idea as your stomach would keep on indicating that you are hungry and won’t let your brain process your sleep. Like the time when you start driving without putting the seatbelt, your car keeps on beeping to put on the belt, the same way your brain will be notified without letting it processing sleep.

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5. Listen to music:

Listening to music will relax your mind. It is also used as an alternative treatment for those who may suffer from various sleep problems.

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6. Sleep in different positions:

Sleeping in different position helps you improve the quality of your health. You should also keep your head and neck roughly straight. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

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7. Avoid sleeping at odd times during daytime

Sleeping at odd times makes you more tired. You would probably won’t want to study, work or go to the gym if you sleep at odd times. This would also won’t let your brain process sleep in the night at the right time.

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Try these 7 steps for better night sleep.

Do let us know in the comment section below if you have any tips for better night sleep.