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7 little memories in your box this new year quitting your loud parties.

New year! 2016 has been a year with a lot of academic and dynamic changes. Peace is nowhere found with all…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on December 26, 2016

New year! 2016 has been a year with a lot of academic and dynamic changes. Peace is nowhere found with all time busy life schedule. This new year plan something which will leave strong memories lets not make it loud and live instead grab all the cashless small little happiness you will have a memory for a lifetime. Here are all the ways you can celebrate this new year not so loud but so peaceful.

1. Quit parties, put on your Pajamas.

Clubbing partying all night in your tight dresses girls is not comfortable at all. Leave your dresses and put on your loose comfy pajamas dance in your hall with all ease and comfort.


2. Got no chill, bro.

Don’t take it so much in your mind just to make a New year end special. Get a bottle of beer drive your car to marine drive sit with your friend with the cool winter breeze and enjoy your new year.


3. Capture those smiles.

Kids have been the most innocent human being on earth. Spend in an NGO and enjoy with them. Play, dance, sing like a kid rewind all the childhood days you miss now.


4. Family love.

We have been spending a lot of time outside in our teenage life and forget that it’s the family who has always been your only support system. This new year plans a trip with your family. Rejoice all the little moments with them.


5. Solo trip.

Give yourself a vacation. We have always been surrounded by people we know with their judgments. You are really not the way you want to be your life molds you leave all that behind and live a life this new year-end make it special. Backpack and leave.


6. Cozy Winters.

Winters is for sleep you never want to get out of your bed. If you feel this is your only holiday don’t just go with the flow of partying and boozing. Grab a nap for yourself on this new year eve if thats what all you are waiting for.


7. Break the stereotypes, Date with friends.

Enjoy a date with friends sit on your terrace play some music dance have some fun play games. These memories and treasure moments which will never come back once you have a hat of responsibilities on the head.


Have fun! Happy New Year!

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