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7 Fun Things To Do During This Long Weekend Without Emptying Your Wallet.

After a hectic at work, who doesn’t look forward to a weekend? And if it’s a long one you start…

By Abhinav D Anand in Featured on June 24, 2017

After a hectic at work, who doesn’t look forward to a weekend? And if it’s a long one you start to make plans to ensure these extended holidays turn out to be awesome. Planning fun things on long weekends do not always mean parting away with your hard earned money. So instead of getting bored during the weekend or looking for ways to save money, here is how we tell you to keep yourself merrily occupied. Take a look at these top 7 fun things to do during the weekend without emptying your wallet.

1. Target a 5 Km morning run –

If you haven’t done this for long, lookout for weekend running groups in your area. Or you can even ask a friend to give you company on Sunday morning and trust me, your day entire day would never have felt so refreshing. Who knows, this could spark the fitness fad in you.


2. Checkout your neighborhood park –

Use this time to go to that park in your neighborhood that you crossed daily on your way to the office. Take a friend along and hop on to some of the swings to relive your childhood days.


3. Plan a picnic lunch –

Organize a picnic lunch with your friends or family. Ask everyone to get something along (eatables or drinks), hunt a nice picnic spot close by and enjoy the company of your loved ones.


4. Play board games –

Invite your cousins or friends for an engaging round of board games like ‘Çhess’, ‘Monopoly Deal’, ‘Taboo’ or ‘Scrabble’. This will be a lot of fun for everyone.


5. Watch the sunset –

When was the last time you ideally sat down to admire the beauty of nature? Go to a nearby lake or elevated spot and watch the sun set on its horizon. For many, this is the time for self-realisation.


6. Cook a romantic dinner –

Sometimes it feels good to do things differently for the ones you love. Make your spouse feel better by cooking their favorite meal at home. Deck up your dining table for a romantic date with your beloved.


7. Volunteer for a charitable deed –

Expressing gratitude is what makes us feel alive. Spend some time of this long fun weekend to serve others selflessly. Playing with children in the orphanage or spending time with those in old age homes will definitely make your day.


None of these activities involve spending a huge amount of money. They are absolutely free and super fun things to do.

Now that you know how to spend your long weekend, do not forget to share your experiences with us.

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