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7 easy quick and healthy mouth watering recipes for your Lunch Box for seven days of the week.

The start of a new year is an excellent time for changing up our old routines. You know, breaking away…

By Administrator in Food on January 16, 2017

The start of a new year is an excellent time for changing up our old routines. You know, breaking away from bad habits or just annoying ones and trying something new. You can start it with your own Lunch Box. We have to eat Lunch every day, and it is not necessary to eat the same dish for Lunch every day. Yes cooking vegetables and chapati and packing it every day is easy, but after three weeks eating the same lunch day after day you will find yourself pulling out that box at lunch time and realizing you just out with the same dish in your box. So here are some easy and quick recipes which you can take for seven days of the week:

1. Spinach Corn with Bread

Boil corn and spinach at night and put it in refrigerate. Mash spinach and corn together in the morning, add salt, black pepper, and two tbsp yogurt, and also add cheese to the mixture. In a pan heat one tsp of vegetable oil. Add some sesame seeds, chopped onion, and tomato and also ass two tsp crushed garlic. Now add spinach and corn mixture, stir for 2 minutes and remove it from the fire. Fill it with any type bread and toast it, add cheese and eat it.


2. Paneer Sandwich

In a bowl add a mixture of one chopped onion, 100 grams paneer, two chopped green chilly, chopped coriander leaves according to the need and salt to taste. Fill the mixture in brown bread or any bread and make sandwiches. Grill or cook both sides alternately on low flame. You can also add a dash of butter or cheese to make it more relishing. Pack it with some green chutney and chili red sauce.


3. Stuffed Paratha

In a bowl mix, one chopped green chilly with one chopped onion, grated cheese, salt to taste and four small mashed potatoes. Add some red chilly powder, pepper powder and salt to taste. Now mix the mixture well, fill the mixture into round dough balls and roll into parathas. Pack with read stuffed chili, curd or green chutney.


4. Veg Egg Atta Noodles

Add oil to the pan and heat it up. Chop onions, peas, beans, tomatoes or any other veggie you like and add all the veggies to the pan and sort it till its golden brown Now, heat up the water, add noodle, the tastemaker, and add to it and cook it till the water is totally absorbed. Then add the noodles to the mixture and mix it well. Serve it with sauce and add some coriander leaves n top.

5. Curd Rice

In a bowl mix 1 cup of cooked rice with 2 cups curd, add salt to taste, chopped green chilies, chopped cucumber, chopped one tomato and some sprouts of your choice. Relish it and be guilt free as it contains not a single drop of oil and keeps you healthy from cholesterol! You can also add some curry leaves, red chili powder or some mustard seeds if you want to.
curd and rice

6. Cheela 

Mix 1 cup gram flour, one chopped onion, one tsp crushed ginger, ha;f tsp of chili powder, one chopped tomato and coriander leaves, add all this in enough water for making a thin batter. Heat a non-stick pan add one tsp oil and spread the mixture. Flip when one side is cooked. Pack for lunch with chili ketchup.

7. Fried Chicken

Take four pieces of chicken legs. Marinate it ginger garlic paste, turmeric and salt overnight. Heat the oil in a pan. Add the leg pieces to the heated. Cook till its brown. Serve with the bread of your choice, and shezwan sauce.
fried chicken

Now you have seven recipes for the whole week and you will not get bored and can have a change on your taste buds every day! YUMMY!

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