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7 Adorable things every guy loves about his girl. *cuteness overloaded*

A cute and a fun way to hang out with girls is the ultimate goal of single guys. The sexual attraction itself is robust enough to draw guys attention towards girls, but there are certain things about girls that boys find it incredibly cute.
They’re feminine things that guys just can’t resist. Some guys go for cutest things girls do more than others, but there are other characteristics that many girls have and share and they are just too adorable to boys. And it makes boys pick up girls and just hug them tight like a teddy bear.
Here are some of the things that make girls damn cute!

1. Texting Good Morning

Believe it or not, when a boyfriend loves his girl, he always loves seeing the first text from his girl in the morning. Well, he would prefer seeing her lying on the bed next to him in the morning, but when that isn’t an option, a text is a better option to make your love realize that there is someone who thinks about you at every moment.


2. Lighting up when she gets excited

Girls do childish things, and there is nothing wrong in it at all. Guys love that as long as girls have an adult side too. Acting like a kid is funny and makes boys have a feeling of swoon. When eyes of the girl light up bright just because girl, you suddenly get super excited about something, it’s so cute, especially when the girl jumps on his guy or something like that. It can be anything that girl saw or heard that got you so excited, Boys love to see you get happy randomly.

7 Adorable things every guy loves about his girl. *cuteness overloaded* 1

3. When she looks incredibly beautiful without even trying.

Every girls does it but do not  know how she does it. She can be dressed in her loose night suit , messy hair bun, running a fever and a runny nose, and still somehow your girl manage to take his breath away. This the most funny thing about love. It manages to find her beautiful in the way where nobody see it, and that makes the relation powerful.

7 Adorable things every guy loves about his girl. *cuteness overloaded* 2

4. When she tells you she loves you.

It’s not only girl that need to hear it from time to time. Boys also needs to hear that as well. She may not realise it, but every time those three golden words slip from her lips, and he is filled with elation. the guy loves her girl and loves more when his girl tells him that she loves him, she means it with every drop of her blood in her body. He knows that for a fact because he can feel it.

7 Adorable things every guy loves about his girl. *cuteness overloaded* 3

5. Horsing around

Hitting your boy playfully is a form of affection. Guys definitely love that. It’s not like that the guys like getting punched or kicked, instead they enjoy rough housing with his girl. Guys like getting you back in some way too, not by hitting you intentionally, but somehow they have to even the score. This kind of back and forth flirting adds is a bit of fun and enjoyment to any kind of relationship.

pillow fight

6. Smiling in the middle of a kiss

This is just the most cute and adorable thing that couples do. Guys you can tell your girl that they are really happy you see your girl smiling and laughing for no reason. Guys think it is so cute. When you do that in the middle of the kiss, but the guys cant help but just adore you.

7 Adorable things every guy loves about his girl. *cuteness overloaded* 4

7. Putting on lipstick

Guys like to see when his girl puts on red lip gloss or even lip balm. Not only do the guy like to see his girl’s lips all glossed up and pretty, guys like watching it when you apply it. Guys also know that his girl lips will be moist and it makes him kiss you.


If you do all of the things above, your boyfriend or your next date will find you a perfect girlfriend material and will want to kiss you so bad all the time. Guys go wild for a really cute, girly-girl!

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