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6 Suspects Arrested In Rs 9 Crore Thane Robbery Case Over Rs 3 Crore Cash Recovered

The Thane police on Thursday arrested six suspects in connection with the Rs 9 crore robbery on June 28. According to the…

By Administrator in News on July 2, 2016

The Thane police on Thursday arrested six suspects in connection with the Rs 9 crore robbery on June 28. According to the police, 18 people were involved in the crime out of which six entered the cash center, three waited at the main door and the rest were at the getaway SUVs.

The planning that went into the Tuesday’s heist involved dry runs for over a month. With the arrests, the police claimed that they were on track to cracking the dacoity that took place at the office of Checkmate Cash Management in Hiradeep building in Wagle estate.

The robbery was carried out in under 20 minutes. Armed robbers had looted cash between 3 am and 4 am on Tuesday. A source said one of the three SUVs used in the heist is in the police custody. Two Eccos and one Toyota Innova were used as getaway vehicles.

The six persons were arrested in Thane robbery case on Thursday and the hunt is on for around 18 others who were also involved in the robbery that took place in the few hours of June 28.

The Thane Commissioner of Police, Parambir Singh, refused to share any details of the arrest but said, “We are very close to cracking the case.” The gang of 18 was split into different groups with their roles assigned like receipting, identifying spots where CCTVs were planning a detailed map of the center and such.


The suspects have confessed their roles to the police and pointed to the involvement of a former employee and a current one in the crime. The accused had prepared a detailed map of the entire area including the entry and exit roads leading to the center.

The gang had full details of the guards at various accesses, of the identity cards by which the doors can be opened and of the placement of the CCTV cameras. According to a complaint lodged by one of the staffers, the accused spoke in Hindi and Marathi and were attired in half-pants, shirts and vests.

Police said, An offence was lodged under 395 (dacoity), 397 (preparation to commit dacoity), 342 (wrongful confinement), 506 (2) and relevant sections of Arms Act. All the accused are at large now and no arrest has been with regard to the incident.

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