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6 Signs That You Should Leave Your Job Right Now.

Your job shouldn’t be a source of discomfort. You spend too many hours at work to hate your job, so…

By Administrator in Featured Lifestyle on May 3, 2016

Your job shouldn’t be a source of discomfort. You spend too many hours at work to hate your job, so removing yourself from a dangerous situation even if it’s risky to do so may be crucial to your happiness and health. Are you having a tough time at work? Do you simply not want to be there nymore? Thinking about quitting, but not sure if you should? It might be time to consider whether it’s time to move on. Maybe your job isn’t what you really want to do for the rest of your life, but you start convincing yourself, This is fine it’s not my dream job, but it’ll do for now.

1. You’ve become angry and bitter towards your job.

For one reason or another, you just don’t view your job, your boss, or a few of your not-so-favorite co-workers. This may come across in your humor and people will start to notice. when she’s really just being bitter. Either way, people have started to talk about her in a negative manner, even though her skill set is above and beyond the other co-worker in her group.

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2. You’re suffering from stress.

If stress is taking a toll on your physical and mental health if your relationships are suffering if you’re having panic attacks or starting to worry that you’re at risk for a serious health condition, move on. Long-term stress and low control are a deadly combination. unhappy or stressed out just from thinking about work, then do yourself a favor and get out while you can.


3. You live for the weekends and holidays.

If you come back from your days off and the countdown to your next set of days off, you may need a change. Sure everyone looks forward to a change of pace but work doesn’t have to be your personal part-time torture chamber.

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4. Your job is so routine, it’s become boring.

If your workday has become so boring you’re constantly fighting weariness, it’s time to seriously consider moving on. If you’ve talked to your boss and either there’s no follow-through on the promise of change or the changes aren’t shifting how you feel, then it’s a good indicator it’s time to leave your job.

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5. It Feels Like Time to Go.

Beyond these warning signs, don’t ignore what your gut is telling you. No one knows your work environment better than you do. And if you get the sense that you might be better off somewhere else, notice that inner voice and go exploring.

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6. You Actually Hate The Work Itself.

If the stuff you’re being paid to do is uncomfortable, boring or unpleasant, it may be time to look for something else. Often, the best way to excel at something is to go in with a positive attitude. But if you’re tied down to the same-old workflow, you could end up hating your job even more.

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