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6 reasons why its so hard for Indian boys to get a girlfriend

It’s no secret that how difficult it is to date a girl in India. Why is it so? Don’t girls…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on March 31, 2016

It’s no secret that how difficult it is to date a girl in India. Why is it so? Don’t girls also want to date? Why is it particularly the case in India that dating a girl is so difficult here? I have seen my friends crying over their single status and being jealous of a few lucky dudes who have a girlfriend. Slowly and steadily they make an arrangement with the situation and make up for their single status with help of TV series and Counter Strike games. And then they wait for their parents to find them a girl. A typical story of an Indian boy. But that’s not what this article is about.

Let us dig deep a little and find out why is it really so difficult for a boy to date a girl in India. 6 reasons that I think are responsible for this situation are:

1. Family values and Bouncer brothers: Girls have always been taught since they are little in their homes to be that sanskari girl who is always shy of boys and worships her virginity. So much so that it is also considered as a taboo in Indian homes to talk about menstruation. Let alone other sex related matters.

Moreover, a boy is given all sorts of freedom (at least in comparison to a girl). And the brother always takes this onus upon himself to protect his sister from other boys whilst searching a girlfriend for himself.

2. Awara ladke everywhere: Whether it’s a social networking website or your colony, you can always find those awara boys who make it a point to stall every girl they come across. They would directly send “I love you” messages to girls, after all what is the point to wait? Nahi mili toh aise koi dusri mil jayegi. 5 min toh lagna h msg karne me.

So, how could a girl trust a boy after coming across such stupid acts by some of our fellow specimens? Sounds tough to me!

3. Demand v/s supply: India has only about 9 girls for every 10 boys. This demand vs supply gap does not really seem to be in favor of boys here. And it seems like most of us fall in that unlucky one of every 10 guys.

4. Broad minded girls are always sluts or whores: If a girl talks openly with boys, she is promptly labeled as a whore by everyone without any second thoughts. So, which girl in her right mind would want to fall under this category?

5. Trust issues due to increasing crime rates: Rape stories have become so common these days that they have now become a part of our life. Every now and then we come across stories that how a girl was fooled by a boy and raped. Let alone unknown people; even family members, teachers and friends rape girls. This definitely raises some serious doubts in a girls mind about boys. And they should too!

6. Moreover, at last, actually it’s not that difficult to date an Indian girl, than it is to date a girl in India. Think it over!

So, if you are a boy, then don’t curse yourself for not having a girlfriend next time. At the least you can be satisfied that luck, society and girls themselves too were not in your favor. What about chai and sutta or much better, a counter strike game? That sounds much more fun to me!

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