More than 50, Yes the death toll has risen up, were killed and at least 100 were wounded by a gunman others Sunday when he opened fire on fans at a US country music concert on the Las Vegas Strip. The gunman was a local resident and was killed after being involved with the officers who responded to report of gunfire.

Everyone fled in panic as soon as the gunfire started at the venue around 10:00 pm local time. “We have in excess of 100-plus injured and excess of 20-plus that have died at this point,” Las Vegas Metro Police Sheriff said this in an interview the next morning.

A survivor said in an interview “We heard what sounded like a glass breaking, so you looked around to see what’s going on and then heard a pop, pop, pop. You’d think for a moment okay we’re fine, there’s no more gunfire, then it starts again.”

Thousands of people were present at the concert next to the Mandalay Bay which was part of a three-day country music festival known as Route 91.

Trevor Noah, the South African host of the popular Daily Show, has mocked America’s unwillingness to discuss gun control in the wake of the shooting. He pointed out that in his two years of presenting the show there have been 20 mass shootings and every time politicians have insisted this is not the time to talk about gun laws.

This was a horrendous news. May the souls of those music lovers rest in peace. Those innocents lost their lives for no reason. Smh.