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5 ways to make father’s day special for your Superhero!

We often forget about our superhero without a cape, DAD! A man who sacrifices a lot just to meet up…

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on June 18, 2017

We often forget about our superhero without a cape, DAD! A man who sacrifices a lot just to meet up and fulfill our demands.We must remember and acknowledge his efforts throughout our life, but father’s day is a day meant for fathers. I believe that gifts are fine only when they are bought by your own income. So this father’s day these 5 hacks will help you make your superhero’s day amazing!

1. Watch India v/s Pakistan finals with him –

This is one of the best things you can do for him tomorrow! Grab some snacks and popcorn and spend the whole day watching the cricket war. He will definitely share the incidents of the previous matches between the two countries, and trust me nothing can be better than this!


2. Cook his favorite dish –

Let him sleep till late (that doesn’t happen by the way!) When he wakes up, serves him with his favorite dishes. If you don’t know how to cook ask your mom to help you and surprise him with your cooking skills. (I cooked for the first time in my life on father’s day and my father’s level of excitement was inexplicable!)



3. Watch his all time favorite movie with your family –

We all have really busy schedules and we don’t get time to spend time with our family. Make it a point that you assemble your little bundle of happiness that is your family, and watch your father’s favorite movie! His smile at that moment will bring you all the joy and happiness you desire.



4. Talk to him endlessly-

We hesitate from talking to our father. Mummy, please ask dad for this and that! This is what we do, right?  We don’t realize,  but we are missing out the best thing in our lives. It with him and talk. The pleasure and happiness will be priceless!


5. Play his favorite sport with him –

This one always helps to make them feel young at age. Play cricket, football, and whatever they like! Let him bat and cheat!  They never agree even if they are out, but it’s their day! Make it a memorable one.


My father is my hero! Make him feel like one always, not just for a day! 🙂

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