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5 Unique Bachelorette party Ideas for your Best Friend in 2017.

Those days are gone when throwing a bachelorette party meant buying Bride-To-Be sashes or props for the bride and her bride’s…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on January 4, 2017

Those days are gone when throwing a bachelorette party meant buying Bride-To-Be sashes or props for the bride and her bride’s maid. Brides are ditching away the tradition way and opting for some fresh, creative, and memorable bachelorette. Choose meaningful activities and destinations that are tailored to the bride’s personality especially.

Maybe you are thinking of some unique, creative and classy bachelorette party; you can try this unique idea for the party and make dwindling days more memorable as a single.

1. Rent a Beach House

Turn the bachelorette party, into a relaxing and only girls getaway party. Rent a cabin, cottage, or beach house for fun, and laid-back weekend, it can be one place where you can spend most of the time with each other and which is affordable for everyone. You can turn the beach house into a jazz party and adult games or just a relaxing free time party, depending on the bride. This little getaway will make the bride feel full of love.


2. Rock out at a music festival

Drinking and dancing are standard pastimes at every bachelorette party, but take it a level up and attend a rocking music festival. These music festivals offer plenty of food and drinks, and you can dance like crazy with friends and mix up with the crowd who is also in the mood to celebrate it with you.

music festival

3. Dance Lessons

For the bride who is active and love sports, reserve a dance lesson with an individual instructor. This gives the bride that she can dance her full soul out and get her sweat out in the company of her best and close friends whom she loves the most. This can also be done at home, by renting fun and crazy instructional DVD.


4. Go Camping

Rather than just crashing and partying in the country, head out and plan out for camping or hiking trip and make the bride enjoy her bachelorette party around nature. This will make her feel unique, fresh and alive. Plan your campground months before so you have a perfect setup for bachelorette scene. Take on easy day hikes so that everybody can have fun.


5. Get Foodie

Add some culture, and use inspirations from different countries which will add a flavor to the bachelorette party for the bride who loves to travel and enjoys a different kind of food. For Italian, make some homemade pizzas or pasta with wine. If you are going French, you can take a fondue with cheese or chocolate.


So that now are bursting with ideas for the bachelorette party, you can put unique ideas together that will be right for the bride and her group. No doubt that day will be memorable.

A celebration which will never be forgotten!

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