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5 top most problems faced to local citizens on demonetization of 500 and 1000 notes.

PM Narendra Modi decision of demonetizing 500 and 1000 notes leads to major problems to the local citizens of the…

By Administrator in News on November 15, 2016

PM Narendra Modi decision of demonetizing 500 and 1000 notes leads to major problems to the local citizens of the country in every state.Reassuring of accepting notes at emergency situation wasn’t pleasing enough nor was the real truth.Day and Night long ques never became short and hardships to local citizens only kept growing.

1. Leave work, Stand in Ques.

People have to leave work and stand in queues for banking transaction, for exchanging only 4000 rupees at one chance. Due to the immediate decision of Prime Minister the people with Salary in hand face a major problem.They have money in hand but still are poor,this is the current situation of the country.

long bank ques

2. No money for Wedding.

We were happy yesterday, today wedding turned into a major tension.No money to pay for the hall booking,tents and for any other due payments left. What do we do? Standing in lines does not solve their problems in any case.

wedding issues

3. Currency is a major issue than Health.

People are frustrated as they face major issues in paying hospital bills. Even after the rule of medical sector accepting the 500 & 1000 notes, this is not being the real scenario.They already have members of house to go to hospital,where do they get more member to stand in the long queues. Both priorities health and money at stake.

ban issues hospital

4. Petrol price rise becomes secondary issue,currency becomes primary.

Now i have money,but they do not fill my vehicle with petrol.500 & 1000 notes not being accepted at petrol-pumps since the announcement of demonetization of notes.Import & export, travel and tourism business go flat. Travelling from one place to another with money and the very next moment you are all poor.The situation of every traveler that night (8th November,2016).

petrol pump ban issue

5. ATM’s couldn’t serve people anymore.

ATM’s had long ques even when they weren’t working.The one day close of  ATM was the only reason behind it.Disappointment happened when they got to know that the ATM couldn’t give them the new 2000 rupee note because of it’s size.Out of 4-5 ATM’s in every area only one could serve the local citizen.Neither the bank account help them nor the cash in hand.

atm issues ban

Sincere appeal to keep patience and corporate with the banks and lets help to remove black money and make India clean out of corruption. The major issues due to demonetization has been covered above. Comment below for anymore suggestion and problems faced. Like and comment below.

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