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5 things that you consider as negative trait but are must in a guy you are dating.

I often see girls complaining about petty issues with their boyfriends. When they mention the issues, it is by all…

By Administrator in Impress a guy Life Hacks Lifestyle Relationship on January 4, 2017

I often see girls complaining about petty issues with their boyfriends. When they mention the issues, it is by all means that the guy is right but the way the girl is seeing, that’s wrong. So, in this post, I am going to clear the 5 most common mistakes that girls usually make in matters of understanding. Possessiveness:



I still don’t get the fact why girls after choosing the alpha male from the group react to their possessiveness? You choose the one with the most dynamic by trait and the factors which made him be like that are not something that you should be reacting to. If he can claim you to be his in front of the world, he deserves the rights to protect you from someone who he seems to be a manipulative person. Ask yourself this, do you want him to take part on a double date where you are to be switched with your best friend for a date?


If he is cutting the phone or not reacting to your texts, it doesn’t always mean that he is neglecting you. Sure he can be annoying at times but if you ask him to reply on a day of his presentation because you have a day off then it is something that is an injustice to him. Do you really want to pay the bill on your date each time you go to a restaurant? If yes, you are most probably the girl of every guy’s dream (sarcastically).


Best friend:

Girls mostly exploit the boundary of friendship and like it or not, every relationship suffers from a phase when the couple is split because of a best friend. Is he really your best friend or a friend at all? If someone is trying to get in between you every time you and your love fights then how can you consider him to be a friend and so, why keep him on the friend list? Leave him to your boyfriend. If you are reading this because you are having issues with your man, he is most, likely well learned in handling situations like that.


Considering cheap:

He is not CHEAP!. He is planning for the future. The future where he is trying to be with you and if you want him to spend needlessly on anything that is materialistic then how he can save for the future? You should be happy that he is saving at such an early stage and that too for not something that is a liability but an asset for the future. Shall you be staying with him if he ends up having very few monthly savings where security is next to 0?



He is not judgemental. As a matter of fact, he is more experienced in the world than you and you have to admit that. He knows the rights and wrongs of survival so if he ever restricts you, listen to him. Have you ever found that his decision is wrong or whom do you turn to when the others betray you?



You should consider yourself lucky as the fact that he is the alpha of the group will always give you the status of she-alpha and you shall always stay a step ahead of everyone in matters of attention and care despite the fact that he is a little sentimental

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