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6 Reasons Why Comedy Nights with Kapil Was So Popular

Comedy Nights with Kapil was one of the most popular TV show and was one of the most loved TV…

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on February 6, 2016

Comedy Nights with Kapil was one of the most popular TV show and was one of the most loved TV show. It has recently in news that Comedy Nights with Kapil had substandard Jokes, We don’t agree with anyone saying that the jokes are substandard. Yes,the popularity could be attributed to some extent to the fact that new celebrity are invited every week but the fact is that the celebrities are excited more than him to be a part of this wonderful show. They actually wait for their turns to appear on this show to promote their upcoming projects.

So, Here are the top 6 reasons why Comedy Nights with Kapil was so popular:


  1. It’s almost “neat” show. There isn’t vulgar 18+ comedy which almost all of the other comedy shows has. There is no double meaning talks. So this makes Comedy Nights with Kapil more of a family show.
  2. Sarcasm may not be best form of wit, but it surely is the easiest form. Ironically most of us can’t resist ourselves laughing when someone makes a funny remark on someone’s physical appearance. That’s shameful. But that’s true. That enables show able to bring more stuff to the table.
  3. Navjot Singh Siddhu is part of the show. Laughter is inductive in nature. He is someone, who laughs even at every silly jokes and induces laughter into others. Same is Archana Pooran Singh to Comedy Circus. Comedy Circus has been keeping her for this long. Why? Because she is one of the reasons why people laugh even on average jokes and its the same way with Navjot Singh Siddhu
  4. The person of every age group can enjoy that show. Your example, AIB’s comedy can only be understood completely by a specific age group, further a specific educational background. I like AIB personally, but my 50-year-old uncle wouldn’t find it entertaining and would change the channel immediately.
  5. Despite the repeated targets of Kapil on his wife, bua, dadi and Palak, he comes up with new ways of insulting them and that is what makes it tickle us.
  6. Every celebrity who’ve been invited here has expressed their joy by saying that while they’re stressed during their promotional events elsewhere, they’re more relaxed and having fun in this particular show. Also they get the rare opportunity to interact with their fans in a more organised manner.

We think not only these reasons but there are few more reasons why we loved Comedy Nights with Kapil so much.
1. The time on which it comes is favorable for all.

2. Kapil Sharma has got enough talent and sense of humor to entertain people for 2 hrs.

3. The fabulous dictionary of Navjot Singh Sidhu.

4. Amazing acting by many characters in the show.
– Ali Asgar – Mind blowing situational comebacks. Sometimes even better than Kapil, because he actually has to think in a spur of the moment while interacting with celebrities whereas Kapil’s are mostly scripted.

– Naseem Vicky – His timing and expressions are ultimate.
– Sumona Chakrvarti – Although her acting is questionable, the reaction of audience when she walks in is not fake. She is quite a lovable character on the show.
– Kiku Sharda – His characters are unique and very well performed by him. Palak and Lachha are brilliant and have a presence of their own on stage.
– Sunil Grover – Gutthi needs no introduction or justification.

5. &, finally because it is a comedy show.


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We miss Comedy Nights with Kapil !! Come back soon Bittu Sharma & Family !!

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