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5 Reasons Why India lost wickets so foolishly in 4th ODI vs Australia

India Vs Australia ODI Series is a One Day International cricket series for the topmost winning position and in the 4th…

By Administrator in Sports on January 21, 2016

India Vs Australia ODI Series is a One Day International cricket series for the topmost winning position and in the 4th ODI India’s batting was well appreciated at first. Even experts have been praising India’s batting during mid innings break. But what exactly happened? Why did India Suddenly Jumped from the winning side to the loosing side? 

Here are top 5 reasons we think that happened during India Vs Australia ODI Series.


India Vs Australia ODI Series
1) Indian ODI batting lineup is Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane. Occasionally Shikhar Dhawan shows up. Today Rahane had 4 stitches in his hand, so the most dependable guy was not able to steer the sinking ship.


India Vs Australia ODI Series

2) Lack of pace bowlers: In the past 25 years, India never had an all-rounder. Still, we were good on two fronts :- Quality Batsmen and Economical Spinners. Now, we don’t have both. Just look at our domestic circuit and suggest me one International quality batsman and bowler.


India Vs Australia ODI Series

3) Players like Gautam Gambhir, Rahul Dravid scored truckload of runs day in and day out for half-a-decade before being selected for the Indian team. They earned their place in the team. Most of the debutantes in the current team are on the back of a one-off good Ranji season. 90 of 90 balls with 9 wickets in hand, please don’t tell me they are inexperienced. 10 players brain freezing at the same time?


India Vs Australia ODI Series

4) Trust me IPL has done Indian cricket no good. On the contrary, batsmen have forgotten the instinct of hanging in there when the bowlers are dominating. IPL was advertised as an event which would give us bowlers who would bowl toe-crushing yorkers, all rounders of the stature of Kapil Dev but in 8 years of IPL history all we got was SIR Jadeja. During the same time, Mitchell Starc, Faulkner and Maxwell cemented their places in the Australian ODI team on the back of IPL success. See my point? Some youngsters got a platform to showcase their talent, fair point, but on the whole IPL is more of money laundering than cricket. Youngsters see easy money so don’t want to work hard.


India Vs Australia ODI Series

5) We can say lack of experience is the reason for utter fall of Indian batsman. Rahane injury affected the most and inexperienced talented batsmen Rishi Dhawan and Gurukeerat attempted the wrong shot selection at very wrong time. Dhoni’s knock was missing, On the other hand, Steven Smith excellent attacking move made India to loose the match.


Disappointment is obvious. The same disappointment which a mother feels when her son fails an exam. She is angry for a moment, but eventually goes to him, consoles and gives a warm hug.

If we take pride in the team’s achievements, we should support its failures as well. Despite the disappointment, we love and respect our team. One or two bad performances are not going to change that. India Vs Australia ODI Series has been a eye opener for us to work harder for the upcoming matches.

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