Divine Nagar, Loda, Kala Bakra! What the hell are these things? What am I writing about? Are these the new “Rappers”, like “Omprakash Mishra”? Don’t worry peeps! These are just places. These are the names of some hilarious railway stations that will make you laugh till your stomach starts to hurt.

Traveling is always fun when you’re with someone and the level of fun and enjoyment can be increased when you’re traveling with your friends, and what happens when you’re traveling with friends and you come across some railway stations with the names like mentioned above? The journey becomes even more exciting and fun. Today, I’ll show you some extremely hilarious names of railway stations that exist in India. Brace yourselves to have a good laugh!

1. Kala Bakra – Jalandhar, Punjab.

Why kala bakra? Why not safed bakra? Racism everywhere! LOL!

2. Dapodi – Pune.

Wait. What? How do we even pronounciate this? Damn.

Source – clubpimble.com

3. Chinchpokli – Mumbai.

LMAO. This sounds so much like a Chinese place. This one’s really funny.

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4. Lotte Golla Halli – Bengaluru.

Whaaaaaaat? Lotte gol hai? Halla Halli? What is this? A tongue twister or what? LMAO.

Source – i.pinimg.com

5. Divine Nagar – Kerala.

Wow. Divine Nagar. Must be a really holy place or might the place where Taher Shah hails from, because he also is divine, right? I just found the native place of Taher Shah! WOW!

Source – blog.sterlingholidays.com

The world is filled with places like these. The list of these funny names can go on forever. Loda Junction is my favorite one.

Just imagine, your dad calls you and asks you “Son, where are you?” and you’ll be like “Papa, lode me hoon”. DAFAQ. LOL!