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Here are 5 things that will make a guy fall for you instantly.

As the Chinese legend suggests, Yin and Yang are the balance of nature, it is applied to every class of…

By Administrator in Impress a guy Life Hacks Relationship on January 2, 2017

As the Chinese legend suggests, Yin and Yang are the balance of nature, it is applied to every class of life form in the universe. So, if we can just apply a little logic to the topic, we can understand making a guy fall for you is as easy as 1, 2,3. All we got to do is to find the things out that plays a contributing role here. But how to that? Simple! Follow this guide. I am going to mention 5 things that guys fall for instantly and is full proof.

The looks:

If you think that wearing high heels, flashy makeups and short clothes will make you win his heart then you are wrong. Skin exposure is a subconscious message that you are not a loyal companion. So, from next time, use grace and elegance in a social gathering rather than the usual approach.



You are most likely to go fully with makeup and dress but what you miss entirely is the elegance. Just because you are a woman, you are not supposed to wear something that doesn’t suit you. Rather, wear anything you feel comfortable and with that carry a graceful smile to everyone and be less reserved. You may attain the wedding of your best friend but you may end up being the center of attraction yourself.


Being honest:

From day one, let the whole world know what they can expect from you. You don’t need to be someone with a “yes, I will” attitude. Be honest and let them know the boundaries you share with them. The last thing you want is people in your circle who are having a manipulate thinking towards you.


The attitude:

Nobody like a girl with an inferiority complex. Rather be friendly, be frank and most importantly, delete anyone who doesn’t know the meaning of friendship and trust. Understand the value of commitment and look forward to the fact that you are not doing something rather hurtful to someone whom you have tried to get so hard.


Speak up:

You don’t need to be a feminist for standing up to the obligations of the society. If there is something that you thing isn’t right, protest immediately. If someone is there on the ground with bleeding situations to follow. Help him. Guys like girls who are pure in their heart.


It takes only a few small changes to overcome the big things in life but the steps are yet to be taken or you would have understood the circumstances by now. Start doing the changes and you shall see the positiveness that you create around you and make you the very star you have always dreamt of.

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