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5 hot and sexy hair colour trends of 2017 to give you a new chic look!

Some honey brown, or caramel streaks, or an out-and-out redhead or an eye-striking ombre look, when it comes to choosing a…

By Administrator in Fashion How to fashion on January 28, 2017

Some honey brown, or caramel streaks, or an out-and-out redhead or an eye-striking ombre look, when it comes to choosing a color for your hair, you are just too spoilt or confused with a variety of gazillion shades and styles, where one is better than another, and you feel like colouring your hair with all the intensity present in front of your eyes. So, girls, if you’re the experimental kind and want a makeover this year, you’re in the right place and at the right time. Here are 5 of the hottest hair color ideas of 2017. Pick up your favorite color and get a new chic look.

1. Messy Blonde

A typical blonde hair color would be a pale yellow, combining it with a dirty shade of brown makes for an incredible shade. If you want to go light but not too, this is the color for you, girls who make you go trendy and give you aha a chic look.

esha gupta

2. Caramel Honey

Caramel highlights are sure to give you a chic vibe to your look. Girls, contrary to popular belief, no matter whatever your original hair color would be, it will accept tinge of caramel and you will end up looking stunning. Try this caramel hair color this year.

3. Balayage bounce

This balayage technique, where the color is lighter than your base color and is applied free-hand onto your hair, has been popular and continued to be the in trend 2017 as well, it gives a soft and natural finish to the hair and looks fabulous no matter what shade or style you go for.

4. Crimson Red

A color with an oldie look, but looks goody! Going for crimson red hair color or just some streaks of the shade on the tips has always looked stylish and still continues to be one of the hottest hair colors this year as well. Go the red way, and look super glamorous this year.

5. Chocolate Charm

Glamorous is the one word that comes to mind when we see that chocolate shade on any Bollywood actress hair. This is a hair color style and shade will be a big hit in 2017 so girls book your appointments in your favorite salons and style like your favorite actress.

Now that you have a lot of choices to choose your favorite hair color and style , like your fashion diva, GO NOW AND GIVE YOUR HAIR A NEW AND HOT LOOK!

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