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5 Expensive Eye popping Desserts Around The World

Everyone loves to enjoy a sinful dessert after a satisfying meal. Be it a  wedding ceremony, birthday party a regular…

By Abhinav D Anand in Food on April 17, 2019

Everyone loves to enjoy a sinful dessert after a satisfying meal. Be it a  wedding ceremony, birthday party a regular day, a meal is considered incomplete without a delicious dessert. But, how much are ou ready to spend just to enjoy the expensive desserts around the world? Are yu ready to burn a massive hole in your pocket and enjoy a divine dessert.Let’s have a look of world’s 5 most expensive desserts which are expensive as hell –

1. Krispy Kreme’s Expensive Doughnut –

This jaw-dropping dessert shocked everyone when Krispy Kreme created their magnum opus at their Selfridges, Oxford Street store. This beauty comes with champagne jelly white chocolate flowers dusted with gold, edible diamond along with edible 24 karat gold leaf accompanied by a cocktail.
Price: $1,682
Location: United Kingdom

2. Strawberries Arnaud –

This bowl of expensive strawberries is studded with 4.7 karats pink diamond ring. The ring was once owned by Sir Ernest Cassel, an English financier.
Price: $1.4 million
Location: New Orleans, LA

3. Decadence D’Or Cupcake –

This cupcake is made from Palmira Single Estate Chocolate, which comes from rarest and delicate Porcelana Criollo bean. They are fetched from Valrhona plantation in Venezuela. It is topped with edible gold flakes, Tahitian Gold Vanilla Caviar, and 100 years aged Cognac.
Price: $750
Location: Sweet Surrender, Las Vegas, NV

4. Platinum Wedding Cake –

This jaw dropping wedding cake was created in 2007 by Japanese pastry chef  Nobue Ikara. This beautiful white cake is a dedicated to popular Japanese beauties like models and actresses. This cake is ornamented with platinum necklaces, pendants, pins and edible platinum flakes.
Price: $130,000
Location: Japan

5. Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans –

Jelly Bean inventor and candy mogul David Klein created a new line of luxury called exotic jelly beans.It has 24 karats gold leaf beans as the main ingredient and it comes in a beautiful crystal jar. This mesmerizing beauty was inspired by the creative geniuses José Andrés and Ferran Adrià.
Price: $500
Location: United States

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