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5 easy hairstyles for your first date that will make him fall for you.

It is not at all a secret the first dates are rough, which can just send us in an area…

By Administrator in How to fashion on December 31, 2016

It is not at all a secret the first dates are rough, which can just send us in an area full of nervousness and stress. But that day isn’t meant for nervousness and stress, so why stress on this beautiful day, when we are supposed to be excited about it? Yes, first dates are always full of anxiety in every way, shape and form.

But even though your heart will be beating at very rapid speed, you want to look gorgeous and beautiful so that your boy falls in for you. You must be ready with your dress on and still confused with what hairstyle to choose which will make you top-notch and cute as can you can be.

For your first date check out these hairstyles which can go right with your hairstyle. Get them all!

1. Double Wrap-Around Braids

curly hair

If you are running short of time, this hairstyle is a great option. The length of hair doesn’t matter. This hairstyle would look lovely with some waves or curls as well if you do not have time, this style left straight also look stunning. Just create two plaits on either side of the head, wrapping them backside, where the two braids going down either side of your mane.

2. Half Updo with Braided Bun


These half updos are seriously hot, and it’s the most on-trend hairstyle in the fashion world. But instead just leaving your hair sleek straight, or just a bun make it just an extra flirty with a loose French braid right down in the middle of the half updo bun. Keep rest of your hair loose with some waves and bouncy.

3. Side Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid

Side braids are so sexy, and they get a new and a trendy makeover with adding an extra strap of hair and turning it into a fishtail braid. Fishtail braid looks complicated, but with practice, you can make these braids in a matter of minutes.

4.  Hollywood waves


If you are dating a fellow who is taking you to the fancier place in the town, the retro waves will give you and stunning look and nothing else. Retro waves also gives a classic chic appeal with red lips and smokey eyes, on first dates makeup and hair idea are bound to make heads turn.

5. Low Ponytail

low ponytail

A cute and simple date is beautiful, and simplicity comes when it comes to hair. Only tease the crown a little before bringing it down to a low ponytail with adding some waves in your ponytail will make your date adore you. This simple low ponytail look can look ultra fancy with your accessories.

There is nothing to fear about, you will be nervous on your first date but you will look stunning with these simple and gorgeous hairstyles.



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