While it took Google over a year to build its augmented-reality goggles, Google Glass, Kochi-based Arvind Sanjeev says he was able to replicate it in less than a month for just Rs 4,500, thanks to open-source hardware.

Arvind made the replica using a USB webcam, a Raspberry Pi board, an LCD panel, aspheric lens, headphones, sun board sheet and glue.

Whats more, Arvind has even put this project on his blog on internet and has given detailed steps to make it, so that enthusiasts who are interested in the project could make their own Smart Cap!

Indians be like “Can’t buy it, lets make it”.

Arvind who has his own startup A.R.S devices has developed many innovative devices and products in the field of automation, connected devices and safety. Arvind has also applied for a patent for hardware he has developed with which you can control your car through a mobile app.

Blog – https://hackaday.io/project/1977-smart-cap
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