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4 youngsters died because people were busy clicking pictures and posting on social media.

We all are aware of social media has taken over our lives. And we have a proof of it; our…

By Administrator in News on January 18, 2017

We all are aware of social media has taken over our lives. And we have a proof of it; our lives work on the likes, comments, and shares we get of anything we post on the social media networks. 10 days ago, Ludhiana witnessed faced the most tragic event, which shows that how humanity has just sunk. This will make us think twice about the world we staying in.
The incident took place on 6th January 2017, where five youngsters were driving around the Detwal village near Mullapur Dakha in Ludhiana. Recently the area had received some rainfalls, and the roads were not safe to drive, and the youngsters met with an accident. Soon after the crash, people gathered around the area, and the shocking part was that people surrounding them instead of helping the victims they were clicking pictures and taking videos to post it on social media networks. The two youngsters were alive but severely injured.


Even the family member of the victims came to know through one of the friends of a girl who was involved in the accident through the post on social media. Some passerby was passing his car did something that others were not doing standing and looking at the victims. The passerby then took the victims to the hospital and told other to get other victims to the hospital. Till the victims reached the hospital, four were dead, and one was paralyzed.

The reporters of the postmortem say that there was no alcohol consumption in the blood of any youngster. The mistake would be the over speeding of the car on the slippery road But it is not a massive mistake to lose your life. Also, the fact of over speeding the car does not come in the picture, as the lives would be saved if the people who were taking the picture would take the accident victims immediately to the hospital.
One of the victim’s sisters, Asavari Bhardwaj, took to Facebook to explain the tragic accident that had happened and everything that was wrong with it. She says that everybody is surrounding the site, were taking pictures and videos and posting it on the social media but no one bothered to help my sister and her friends.
Now it’s time for us to open our eyes wide and think about people around us. No likes and comments will save anybody’s life. If you have seen a person in terrible pain, and if you help the person it is not an act of bravery but it is simple humanity.


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