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4 Shocking Things That Can Be Addressed at Royal Rumble 2017

The WWE Universe is heating up as Royal Rumble, one of the biggest Pay-per-view of WWE is not too far….

By Administrator in WWE on December 1, 2016

The WWE Universe is heating up as Royal Rumble, one of the biggest Pay-per-view of WWE is not too far. It is to be held at a stadium which has a capacity of 60000. And WWE would like to make it house full. Royal Rumble 2017 will take place on 29th January at San Antonio, Texas. Every WWE fan is thoroughly waiting for the event. So it should be worth it.

Here we present to you 5 Shocking Things That can happen at the Royal Rumble 2017 –

4. John Cena Returns –

Cena is out from WWE for a long time now. WWE may focus on his return at this point. And what can be the better event for Cena to make an entry other than Royal Rumble. Cena has a great past in Royal Rumble, and the return of Cena back in WWE would be awesome to watch at Royal Rumble confirming his spot at the biggest event of WWE, Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is incomplete without Cena, so Royal Rumble would be the best time for Cena’s return.


3. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at the End of Match –

Goldberg had announced his spot in the rumble match last week on Raw. And this week, Heyman had confirmed that if Goldberg would be there in Royal Rumble match then Brock is also in. With one of the biggest defeat that Brock has faced in WWE on survivor series, Brock is still recovering. And he will always need a chance to prove himself. Since both men are in the Rumble Match, we can expect them one on one at the end with all other participants eliminated.


2. Stone Cold Steve Austin Appears

Stone cold is still one of those superstars whom WWE Universe wants to see. Steve Austin have appeared at Wrestlemania in past few years, but have not been in action in the square. We all want him to be in a fight one more time. Return of Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Rumble Match may be the greatest fantasy that WWE fans want to see. And the authorities are having discussions about the rumors.


1. Aj Styles Vs Undertaker for WWE World Heavyweight Championship –

A dream matches that everyone wants to see. Royal Rumble is incomplete without a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Since undertaker have made his return at the SmackDown. A WWE World Heavyweight Championship match is all he need to prove himself that he is still the best WWE got. Aj is one of the best superstars at present in WWE. Within few months of his debut, AJ has defeated many big superstars and has his hands over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship also.


WWE is deeply involved in the conversation about this dream match. And there is a huge chance that we all will be addressing this match. “The Phenomenal Vs The Phenom”  Isn’t this sounds fantastic? That’s what every single WWE fan will love to see.

That’s all for Royal Rumble. These are the things that will most probably happen. But we don’t know what else WWE authorities are cooking. For this, all we can do is wait till Royal Rumble.

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