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4 Pet Friendly Restaurants in India that are surely not-to-be-missed!

For a pet lover, we know how it is difficult to part with your four-legged sweetheart, even if it is…

By Administrator in Travel on February 22, 2017

For a pet lover, we know how it is difficult to part with your four-legged sweetheart, even if it is for a short while. Do you sulk about leaving your pet behind when you need to step out for dinner? Do you want to enjoy the company of your furry best friend wherever you go? To meet this ever-increasing demand several pet friendly restaurants and cafes have sprouted all over the country.  Take a look at these pet friendly restaurants in India that warmly welcome their guests with their pets.

1. Mutt Hutt, Mumbai

This one is a great pop-up cafe for dog owners to enjoy the company of their four-legged friend even while they enjoy their meal. Mutt Hutt in Mumbai was conceptualized by two sisters and their motto ‘even humans are allowed” tells profusely about their love for these creatures. Here they even organize doggies’ dates, grooming sessions and camping trips for your darling pets. Mutt Hutt is going to turn into a permanent pet-friendly restaurant in the coming future.

Mutt Hutt - The Pet Café
Source: Facebook/Mutt Hutt – The Pet Café


2. Toit, Bangalore

Located in Bangalore, Toit is an extremely popular restaurant and brew pub that opened its doors for pet owners just a few years back. They have a huge outdoor seating where you can enjoy gourmet food and drinks (not for your pet, though) in the company of your furry friend. Toit has limited pet spots, so you definitely need to make prior bookings.


3. Cafe Canine, New Delhi

As the name implies, this place in New Delhi specially welcomes and treats your four-legged friend. Cafe Canine even has a no-leash policy and the dogs are allowed to play, run and socialize as they like. It is indeed a perfect place for a doggy’s day out.



4. The Love Room, Kolkata

An ideal place for dog lovers! Love Room in Kolkata is a great hangout place to spend time in the company of your pooch. Even the owner of this place has 9 pets, so we need not say more about their service.

Source: Facebook/The Love Room


These were just the top names; the list does not end here.

Now you easily enjoy your special doggy-date in any of these pet-friendly restaurants. Bone Appétit!

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