24 Years Old Infosys Employee Killed At Railway Station In Chennai

An Infosys employee died after reportedly being attacked by an unidentified man in Nungambakkam Railway Station, Chennai on Friday morning. The man had hacked her face and neck and she died within two hours of the attack.

Swathi, who worked as an IT professional in Infosys, was dropped at Nungambakkam railway station around 6.20 am by her father. As she was waiting to catch a train to her office, a man approached her on the platform. The man, wearing a green shirt and black trouser started arguing with Swathi over some issue. The two had an animated discussion.

An Infosys employee was hacked to death at Nungambakkam railway station in Chennai on Friday morning. police said there was no CCTV installed in the railway station and investigation will take place into the incident. 


Before anyone could react, the man suddenly pulled out a sickle from a travelling bag that he was carrying and hacked Swathi below her jaw. She fell on the ground bleeding profusely. The attacker walked away from the platform as no one came forward to stop him. Cops arrived on the spot later and it took them nearly two hours to remove her body from the spot.

Swati traveled to her workplace every day by train. Her  father Santhana Gopalakrishnan, who is a Government employee dropped her to the station as every day. As usual Friday her father dropped her at Nungambakkam railway station few minutes before the incident took place.

Police suspect the culprit to be an acquainted to Swati. As there was no CCTV camera  at the Nungambakkam railway station The Murderer escaped. further investigations were taking place in the case Police were taking to her relatives friends to get clues of the Murderer. Earlier on Wednesday, a similar incident took place where an advocate was hacked to death in broad-daylight at Vyasarpadi in Chennai.

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