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24-year-old physiotherapist, raped and killed at her own Vile Parle Residence.

A 24-year-old physiotherapist was raped and killed at her Vile Parle residence, at early hours on Tuesday. She was choked…

By Administrator in News on December 7, 2016

A 24-year-old physiotherapist was raped and killed at her Vile Parle residence, at early hours on Tuesday. She was choked to death with her trousers, burned her face and hands, as some of her books were either lit or they caught fire. The parents and the neighbor found the naked girl’s body at 3.30am in the morning when the smoke began to emanate from the mezzanine floor where she slept. She had come back from the birthday party at 11 pm. Vile Parle police registered the case on Tuesday following the reports of the post-mortem.

DCP Ashok Dudhe confirmed that they had filed a case for rape and murder under the Indian Penal Code. The unidentified accused assaulted the victim and killed her. She was strangled with her trousers and was found dead on the floor. The accused wanted to make this offense look like a case of suicide because at first, the police saw herself hanged from the ceiling using her trousers. The post-mortem report says that she died of asphyxiation,” says DCP.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to find out the reason behind the fire, a daily from the sources learned that there could be one or more accused of the crime to be committed. “When the neighbor noticed smoke coming from her room. They woke up her parents and rushed upstairs to find the door locked from the outside. To reach the mezzanine floor, one has to climb a ladder, and it can only be accessed from outside. After the parents had opened the door, they tried to dismiss the fire by putting water, and they saw her daughter lying on the floor naked.” says an investigative officer.

On Monday evening, the victims had left her house with her friends to attend a birthday bash. Her family said that the accused must be some known person for sexually assaulting her and they killing her. The victim had studied physiotherapy and secured a bachelor’s degree a year ago, and since then she was practicing her profession.

The statement given to the police by the victim’s parents say,” My daughter went for a birthday bash and returned home with her friends at 11 pm and stayed up till midnight.” Cops have questioned her friends and have started sorting her caller list.

The victim’s parents and neighbors do not want to disclose any more details about the same.

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