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10 Foods You Should Give Up Right Now

There are foods that mess up with your system when consumed for a prolonged periods of time. It’s not that…

By Administrator in Food on December 26, 2015

There are foods that mess up with your system when consumed for a prolonged periods of time. It’s not that you’ll get some deadly diseases, but potential toxins in these foods are better avoided. Here is give a drop down on foods that you should keep off from for better health.

1. Burger



Again made with maida (flour) and fried Pattie of meat or potatoes. High in calories, offers no nutrition to your body. IMAGE SOURCE

2. Fried foods



These create toxic substances that are detrimental for your body. Choose steamed, grilled or tandoor options. IMAGE SOURCE

3. Packaged Potato chips



Fried potato chips are calorie dense and high in fats, sodium and bad carbohydrates. IMAGE SOURCE

4. White rice



Bad carbohydrate, can lead to fat stores of the body. Choose foods like quinoa, barley, broken wheat, oats or brown rice instead. IMAGE SOURCE

5. White bread

White bread

Made out of refined flour, it has no nutritional value whatsoever, plus it is high in sugar and processed ingredients. IMAGE SOURCE

6. Sweets



Sweets like cakes, chocolates, Indian sweets, ice creams and candies are high in sugar and saturated fat. IMAGE SOURCE

7. Alcohol



Again empty calories. Plus damages liver, pancreas, increases risk for diabetes, lowers coordination, blackouts and the list goes on. IMAGE SOURCE

9. Waffles



Please avoid the refined flour and brown sugar in it. IMAGE SOURCE

10. Aerated Drinks



They have nothing to offer apart from empty calories. IMAGE SOURCE

If you are dying to eat the above food remember to indulge once in a while only, but don’t  make it a lifestyle. Eat vital and have a little fun here and there.

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