2 Indian students on Sunday were stabbed to death, while one out of three in the case is critically injured in Ukraine. The incident took place in Uzhgorod Medical College of the country. All three students are believed to be in their third year of college. Police officials found the third student injured and rushed him to the hospital. Two students Pranav Shaindilya, hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar city and Ankur Singh from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad city succumbed to their injuries while the third Indrajeet Singh Chauhan from Uttar Pradesh Agra. The Ministry of External Affairs said, that it has spoken to the families of the students and is taking all necessary actions to complete the formalities for sending the two bodies to India. Shaindilya was a third year student while Singh was a fourth year student at the college.

Based on Chauhan’s statement, the police apprehended the Ukrainian nationals who were trying to cross the border. Passports and documents of the three Indian students along with a blood-stained knife were reportedly recovered from the Ukrainian nationals.


The Embassy has taken up the matter related to safety of Indian students strongly with the Foreign Office of Ukraine, the MEA said. Based on Chauhan’s statement, police detained Ukrainian nationals who committed the crime. Passports and document of the three Indian students along with blood-stained knife was reportedly recovered from the Ukrainians