19-Year-Old Rachel Harriman Wrote A Funny Email To Her Professor For Late Submission Of The Project!

For all the students, Assignments are the most painful thing and to submit it on time is just hectic. Every student tries hard to submit it on the headline, but there are some students who miss to submit and face problems from the professors. Sometimes professors are not in the mood to hear any excuses, so they punish us so badly. Did this happen to you in your college days?
Just like all the other students, this 19-year-old student from Ohio University got an assignment with a deadline, but she couldn’t complete her project on time. Instead of giving an excuse to a professor she decided to explain to him why she couldn’t submit it on time in an honest way.
The girl’s name is Rachel Harriman, she wrote a letter Via email and explained to the professor why she missed the deadline. The reason is just unexpected, and even it is funny. The reason has she had an unexpected breakup with her Boyfriend. LOL! Isn’t this funny? She even wrote that she wouldn’t repeat this mistake again in future.
And now her funny email is going viral on the Internet even you will laugh after reading it. She shared her email on Twitter, and all the Twitterati’s are having fun.
Here is the letter, must read it.
Twitterati’s reacted on this letter. Here are some tweets:

Even the professor understood her situation and gave her a B-plus grade on the project.
Wow! All students want a professor like him.
Recently, there was a story of two Delhi University girls who wrote a letter and asked permission for a night out, and that letter went viral.

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