There is a saying “Money can’t buy happiness”, but for few this is wrong as Money can buy happiness. Here we are going to talk about the lifestyle of this 15-year-old boy Rashed Belhasa, who owns shoe collection worth 7 crores and has many friends from Bollywood & Hollywood.

Rashed Belhasa is from Dubai and a very popular guy on the Instagram and YouTube. Rashed is crazy for sneakers and he has a collection of shoes which is worth $1 million, i.e. approx Rs 6.5 crores with a famous Youtube channel “Money Kicks”

Rashed is the son of Emirates billionaire businessman Saif Ahmed Belhasa who also famous for his farmhouse in which there are many exotic animals like Tiger, Lion, Leopard. This farmhouse of Saif Ahmed is so famous that many Bollywood and Hollywood stars have visited there. Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, The Game, Akon, Messi, Niki Minaj have visited this farmhouse.

Already Rashed is a successful entrepreneur as he runs his own clothing brand. He has more than million of subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Even on his Instagram, soon he is going to get 1 Million followers.

Check out the video of Rashed showing his shoe collection Worth 7 crores.

A look into money kicks closet. Personally, I like the pair Stephen Curry signed. Which pair do you like?

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Rashed Belhasa is born rich as his father’s net value is $2 billion. Though he is a rich kid, he believes in making his own money. In his family, there are many luxurious cars like Rolls Royce, Bently, Mercedes and so on. At present, Rashed rides his Yeezy Boost which is inspired by Cadillac Escalade.

Watch the video of Salman Khan watching the video of Rasheed’s Ferrari.

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