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15 emotional moments of Indian sports in 2016 that touched everyone’s heart.

Those who understand sports very well know it’s much more than a game. It’s a feeling and emotion which makes…

By Administrator in Sports on December 28, 2016

Those who understand sports very well know it’s much more than a game. It’s a feeling and emotion which makes everyone cry, laugh, jump, dance, shout, heartbroken, depresses! From Big victories to losses, each and everything makes us have that feeling. Every match, every player or team must be different from each other in every way from their strategy to their way of playing, but still, there is emotion attached to it.

2016 has been a mixed year with lots of ups and down, high and lows, but it has been a fantastic year for Indian sports. We had a lot of happy moments and also sad moments. Be it whatever, we have a huge bag packed full of memories that we can take along with us as the year 2016 comes to an end.

Here are 15 emotional moments that we have treasured in Indian sports in 2016.

1.  Dipa Karmakar ends her event with a very smooth landing which made her the fourth best in the world as the artistic gymnast.

 Dipa Karmakar

2. PV Sindhu’s cry for the win mad her famous in Rio Olympics in 2016, and she took Silver Medal home.

PV Sindhu

3. Sakshi Malik celebrates her win the bronze medal on her coach’s shoulder.

Sakshi Malik

4.  Mariyappan Thangavelu puts his effort and clears the bar and wins a gold medal at Paralympics high jump event.

Mariyappan Thangavelu

5. Devendra Jhajharia shouts after the javelin throw makes him earn a gold medal at Paralympics.

Devendra Jhajharia

6. Deepa Malik shines and smiles after winning the silver medal in shot put.

Deepa Malik

7. Varun Singh Bhati breathes deep after he achieves his goal and wins a bronze medal at Rio Olympics in 2016.

Varun Singh Bhati

8. Kabaddi team celebrates after winning another gold medal.

kabaddi team

9. The Indian Captain Virat Kohli bow his head down towards his idol Sachi Tendulkar after winning against Pakistan in T20.

bow down head

10. Indian Kabaddi team celebrates after winning the World Cup.

world cup

11. In Asian Hockey Championship team, India celebrates the victory against Pakistan.


12. Virat Kohli heartbroken after West Indies reached finals.


13. Women Indian team creates a history by winning the Asian Hockey Championship.

women hockey team

14. Virat-Jadeja highest high-fi after the 4-0 win against England.

high fi

15. Another happy moment for India wins U19 after 15 years in Hockey.

Be it whatever a win or a loss. IT HAS BEEN A FANTASTIC YEAR!

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