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13 Things You Will Completely Relate To If You Have Grown Up In A Punjabi Family.

A Punjabi household cannot and does not think beyond food. We live to eat. No exceptions. You also always find a…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on June 10, 2016

A Punjabi household cannot and does not think beyond food. We live to eat. No exceptions. You also always find a Beiji (grandma) in whose eyes her puttar (son/grandson/generalisation for grandchildren) is perpetually malnourished and needs the entire society’s monthly supply of food and sweets to look healthy. We are so enthusiastic about everything that we talk and laugh in loudest possible pitch and we aren’t ashamed of it.

We are ready to dance on any party, men (now days ladies too) get drunk and give the best dance performances. But we know our limits too. It is always fun to be around even elders. Nowadays they are much modern than generation itself. We can discuss any hot topic of the town, girl/guy we like and they would humorously tell their story. We can never get bored in a punjabi household.

1. Your gender doesn’t matter. Your parents have only one name for you ‘Puttar’


2. We don’t eat to live. We live to eat


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3. If you’re not at least 5 kgs above your desired weight, your grandparents insist that you’re looking Sookhi hui aur kamzor”!


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4. No one can beat us in Bhangra. Bhangra is in our bloods. You can bhangra your way to anything.


5. You absolutely love karha parshaad.


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6. The look on your mother’s face when you just say haan instead of haanji.


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7. And no meal ever is complete without dessert.


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8. Both the eldest and the youngest members of the family are given more importance.


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9. Saying no to a person in need is not allowed.


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10. Relatives are a pain in the ass


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11. Alcohol is not such a big crime in fact you can sometimes drink with your uncles and even your dad


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12. Youngsters are the kings of the house you get what you want.


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13. You have relatives in Canada and USA. Lots of them!


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