The horror movie which is recently released has caused waves of terror everywhere. The movie Annabelle: Creation is the scary movie and after watching it the people got goosebumps. However, something shocking has happened in Kolkata.

A student of 12th Class Srijan Chowdhary has committed suicide after watching  Annabelle: Creation. Yes, the student locked himself in the room and hanged himself. This incident took place on Monday night after he returned from the theatre. Srijan was the student from the school  Kalighat’s South Point High School (Kolkata). According to the reports, the boy asked his mom to leave him alone as he wants to study. And he went in the room and ended his life.

OMG!! Srijan Commits Suicide After Watching ‘Annabelle: Creation’

His parents further said that he was suffering from bipolar disorder( a mental condition of depression). Srijan’s mom said that from the time he watched Annabelle, he was possessed with his phone. There was no suicide note found. He might have committed suicide because of depression.

According to the reports, a 17-year-old Srijan Chowdhary asked his mother for her phone around 9 PM on Monday. Then he told he is going to his room to study. Srijan’s mother who is a Law Officer was watching TV. After an hour, when he did not open the door she called the neighbors who broke the Door. They found Srijan hanging on the Ceiling Fan. They rushed him to Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan where he was declared dead. His father was not at home at that time.

No complaint has been lodged as of now. His mom feels that the movie might be the reason for his suicide. But the psychiatrist Jay Ranjan Ram who treats him says it could be due to depression. It can be because of bipolar disorder as they often resort to suicide.

His mother said, after he returned home from the movie, he was just telling that whoever watches the movie commits suicide. She said do not think about the movie and just concentrate on his studies. But he behaving abnormally.

Srijan’s school mates and teachers were shocked after hearing about the incident. Nowadays, committing suicide has become very common.