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12 Candies From The 90s That Will Take You Back To Your Sweet And Sour Childhood!!

Our association with candies has a pretty delightful history, and we as the 90s kids have the fondest memories of…

By Administrator in Food on April 23, 2016

Our association with candies has a pretty delightful history, and we as the 90s kids have the fondest memories of candies. Back in the day, the candies were limited but were simply amazing. We still remember how we use to fight for it, share it amongst friends and most important created our childhood memories. We tempted for these candies and use to do any of mom’s work in return. But gone are the days when a rupee coin gave us 4 Kismi toffees or 10 orange without wrapper candies.  All of this seems like a distant memory today.

We bring you 12 mouth watering toffees that absolutely dominated the world of 90s. If you are a kid from the 90s, this one is surely going to bring a smile on your face.

1. Pan Pasand


Another of those candies that empathized with kids. Popping this one in your mouth gave you a feeler taste of the paan you weren’t allowed to chew on.

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2. Rola Cola


Another treat from Parle, which was focused on ensuring that kids got a taste of the cola, without any aeration. And this sweet hit all the right notes with the kids and the elders. One of the favorites back then.

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3. Mango Bite


Another treat or rater way to have mango when it was not in season was the Mango Bites treat from parle. It was juicy and filled with the taste of luscious mangoes. And you would love sucking on this sugar laden delight for hours, without bothering to see it it really had mango pulp.

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4.  Hajmola


The original spicey ayurvedic tablet which used to send your senses to a new high with a punch of spicy taste. And we all loved its commercial where people used to sneak into eating these tablets. Remember, ‘Hajmola Sir!’? I have been caught emptying 5 tablets in one go and then grounded for the same.

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5. Parle Poppins


When I thought of Poppins, I remembered all those vivid cochocolatelours. Parle Poppins came in various colours. Red, blue, green, orange, which one was your favorite? The most popular pack of toffees. Plus, we could share it with everyone (although, we never did!). All flavors in one pack, heaven! This one came in different colours. I think I liked red. No, blue. No, green. No wait… I liked all of them.

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6. Churan goli


Churan goli was another cheap entertainer in the confectionery department. They came in different flavors and had digestive properties. Still, many kids used to devour it like there was no tomorrow.  Jeera goli, Anardana, Aam Pachak, Ram Laddoo – various names to these little spicy confections but was a hit with children.

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7. Guru Chela


Hard to forget the two faced wrapper which had the face of a guru on one side and chela on the other. Guru Chela sure is one of the most amazing candies from the 90’s for the fact that the picture on the packet were actually two people. Other than enjoying the candies, we used to play with the wraper.

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8. Pepsi



No, I am not talking about the brand. I am talking about the flavored colourful ice sticks packed in see through plastic. They were very popular with the school going kids. Kids used to eat them while coming back from school to beat the heat in summers. Priced at rupee one each, these were a life saver then.  Cola flavor was my favorite.

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9. Swad


Introduced as a digestive toffee, Swad really hit all the right notes for the tongue. It was juicy, tasty and had a bit of pepper that made the kids drool all the more. Who said that kids only liked sweet! This candy was mostly eaten post lunch. The sweet and tangy candy tasted very similar to Hajmola.

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10. Phantom Cigarettes


The sweet little sticks made all of the kids feel grown up. Back then cigarette smoking was not much of a taboo as today so kids wanted to emulate their dads and uncles. Of course, this candy treat had no harm except made with lots of sugar and remained popular all through 90’s.

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11. Orange Candies


One of the cheapest candies any kid could buy. Why, mystery? Well, it wasn’t branded or anything, but you could easily get it from any shop. Mostly called as ‘limelet ki goli’, they came in jars without any paper wrappings.

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12. Parle Kismi


Kiss me, Does that take you down the memory lane? This adorable advertisement made many equate love with chocolate. Am I right? The moment you pop it in your mouth you get the magical taste of caramel and elaichi making every bite delightful.

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