Celebrities are known for their star status today, these Bollywood celebrities weren’t born with a luck! They earned all the fame and power purely by their determination and hard-work! Bollywood is a term that is synonymous with fame, beauty, power and let’s not forget, money. These celebrities are inspiration to the people who does not belong to a good background but want to work to top with their ability. There are so many people you can look up to and learn from their lives.

1. Nawazuddin Siddiqui:


He became a household name after his stunning performance in Gangs of Wasseypur. He grew up in a large family and when he moved to Delhi, was forced to work as a watchman for a company. While still working as a watchman, he developed an interest in plays and joined a theatre group, eventually graduating from the National School of Drama.


2. Boman Irani:


Boman Irani worked as a waiter and room service staff at the Taj Mahal Palace for a while. Alongside this job, he continued to help his mother run their family bakery. He eventually developed an interest in photography which in turn led to curiosity about films. Irani has given the Indian audience stellar performances over the years in a variety of roles and Indian cinema would not have been the same without him.

3. Amitabh Bachchan:


Amitabh Bachchan’s first job was in a company called Shaw Wallace a shipping firm as an executive . Later on, the superstar of Bollywood worked as a freight broker for a shipping firm called Bird and Co. He tried being a radio announcer, but was rejected by All India Radio.

4. Shah Rukh Khan:


You won’t believe that King Khan once worked  as an usher for a Pankaj Udhas show in Delhi. The actor who is now one of the richest actors in the world earned Rs 50 for that show.

5. Akshay Kumar:


The martial art expert who won hearts with his stunts and acting is still known as a Khiladi. But this way to become a Khiladi was not an easy one. He has worked as a waiter, a dishwasher before completing his chef degree and becoming a superstar. He earned only Rs. 1500 then.


6. John Abraham:


John Abraham tried his hands at modeling but then to earn his bread and butter he worked as a media planner for Enterprises-Nexus.

7. Rajinikanth:


While he was still a young boy, Rajinikanth used to act in plays like the Mahabharata at the math where he was enrolled. As he grew older, he took on odd jobs to make a living, including that of a carpenter and a coolie. He eventually became a bus conductor where he would keep people in peals of laughter with his antics before he decided to resume playacting. Rajinikanth soon rose to super stardom and is almost revered is a deity down South. Long Live Thalaiva!


8. Dev Anand:


Dev Anand had worked as a clerk in a Censor’s Office, located in Mumbai’s Church Gate area. His used to get Rs. 165 as his monthly salary then.He was a craze among girls during his heydays. But did you have an idea that Dev Anand had worked as a clerk in a Censor’s Office, located in Mumbai’s Church Gate area? His used to get Rs. 165 as his monthly salary then.


9. Arshad Warsi:


Arshad Warsi was a door to door cosmetic salesman. Later he worked in a photo lab. Meanwhile he had a keen interest in dancing and received an offer to join Akbar Sami’s Dance group in Mumbai, which started his dancing and choreographing career. He also assisted Mahesh Bhatt in Thikana (1987) and Kaash (1987)

10. Ranveer Singh:


Ranveer singh worked in advertising as a copywriter, with agencies like O&M and J. Walter Thompson.

11. Randeep Hooda:


During his struggling days in Australia, Randeep Hooda used to wait tables and mop floors at a Chinese restaurant. He had also worked as a driver back then.


12. Naseeruddin Shah:


Naseeruddin Shah worked in Mohan Kumar’s Aman movie in 1967. He stood behind actor Rajendra Kumar for his funeral scene that got him Rs 7.50 which lasted for about 2 weeks.