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11-year-old girl to swim 570 km from Kanpur to Varanasi for a clean Ganga

A 11-year old swimmer Shraddha Shukla from Uttar Pradesh is all set to break records by swimming 570 km distance from Kanpur to Varanasi in 10 days, with refreshment and washroom breaks, which is equivalent of 13 Olympic marathons of 42.195km on land. She will be swimming about 60km a day, taking a break every four to five hours, reported by Hindustan Times.

Shraddha Shukla started her journey on the occasion of National Sports Day on Sunday. Shraddha started swimming at the age of two when her grandfather, Munnu Shukla, a diver, took her to the Ganga. The 11-year-old will have to swim for an average of 7 hours a day for 10 days to be able to make it to her destination within the stipulated 70 hours. She will swim from 5.30 am to 7.30 pm everyday, while being guided by guard divers.

Shraddha Shukla has also set records by swimming 10 km from Ganga Barrage to Siddhnath when she was six-years-old and covered 16 km downstream in just 80 minutes at age eight. Her father and coach, Lalit Shukla hopes for his daughter to participate in Olympics and win India a gold medal.

Shraddha Shukla told Hindustan Times, “I am not nervous. I am excited and confident of completing the challenge. I am eyeing the national record.”

Featured Image Source: ANI

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