Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut disclosing damaging details in their legal notices to each other. Never before in the Bollywood industry have former love birds washed their dirty linen in public like this. If there was any word uttered, it was always off the record. Here, according to a report published by Mumbai Mirror, the notices issued by Hrithik and Kangana have brought out in the open what everyone spoke in hushed tones.


1. Hrithik alleges that Kangana kept sending emails to an impostor till May 2014. He says he realized this when they met at a party thrown by Karan Johar and gave her his real email address then.

2. Kangana claims that Hrithik created a special email ID to remain in touch. She alleges that Hrithik did this to ensure his divorce proceedings with Sussanne was not impacted.

3. Hrithik alleges that Kangana started sending him a barrage of emails, numbering upto 50 a day.

4. Kangana’s notice alleges that Hrithik hacked into her email to get rid of incriminating exchanges.

5. Hrithik claims Kangana has Asperger’s Syndrome which makes her imagine things.

6. Kangana alleges that Hrithik has his own mental issues.

7. Hrithik’s notice says Kangana called his father Rakesh Roshan and gave him advice on how he should handle his son.​

8. Kangana’s lawyer has actually counted the days since the row started and has done a rough math saying that if Hrithik’s claims were true, he should have received 30000 emails in 601 days as opposed to 1439 emails as written in his notice.

9. Her notice further points out that Hrithik didn’t make any attempt to block her communication, which proved that he was a willful participant.

10. Kangana’s notice also talks about Hrithik inviting her to special parties with select guests that pointed out their closeness. These included his own birthday party in January 2011, his sister’s birthday party in 2012, his father’s birthday party in 2013.

11. Last, but not the least, Kangana’s notice stops Hrithik from leaking any emails or images that she shared with him in good faith.

Kangana Ranaut has clearly said in her response that she never mentioned anybody’s name in her interviews, so the question of defaming him or her apologizing publicly doesn’t arise. Also, her notice says that she doesn’t need publicity using Hrithik Roshan name because she is a celebrity herself with two National Awards among other achievements and honors under her belt.