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102-Year-Old Pune Doctor Still Works With Effort And Charges Only 30Rs

On 15th March 2017, Dr. Balwant Ghatpande became the oldest doctor in Pune as he celebrated his 102nd birthday. Dr. Balwant doesn’t want to get retire and he happily works 10 hours a day with great effort, Just not like you and me *lazybums*

As reported by Hindustan Times, Dr. Balwant Ghatpande wants to work until he is breathing and want to continue his practice. Dr. Ghatpande comes from a family full of doctor’s and everyone from his family seems to be gaining the same values.

Dr. Balwant Ghatpande also believes that being a doctor is the most noble profession where you can give service to people and by helping people it gives humanitarian satisfaction which is the best feeling ever.

Dr. Balwant Ghatpande has received everything from this profession, the goodwill of people and even money.

102-Year-Old Pune Doctor Still Works With Effort And Charges Only 30Rs 1

He explains himself as a workaholic and doesn’t like to sit idle.

Dr. Ghatpande has gone to another doctor just once in 1995 when he got a fracture. After that, he has never visited any doctor. The secret behind this is his healthy lifestyle and a  regular exercise with a massive diet. At the time he is not treating patient he reads medical journals or newspaper and increases his knowledge.

Pune's Oldest Doctor

This 102-year-old doctor just charges Rs. 30 per patient and he donates most of his earnings to charity.

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