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10 Youngest Successful Billionaires Of India 2016

Flipkart: Binny Bansal, Age 32($1.3 Billion) At age 32 Binny Bansal, Co-Founder of Flipkart ranked number one in Youngest Billionaires in India….

By Administrator in Lifestyle on April 18, 2016

  1. Flipkart: Binny Bansal, Age 32($1.3 Billion)


At age 32 Binny Bansal, Co-Founder of Flipkart ranked number one in Youngest Billionaires in India. Recently valuation of Flipkart soared to 15 Billion Dollar which increased Binny Bansa’s net worth to 1.3 Billion Dollar.

2) Flipkart: Sachin Bansal, Age 34 ($1.3 Billion)


Co Founder of Flipkart and College senior of Binny Bansal, Sachin Bansal at age 34 have net worth valued at 1.3 Billion US Dollar.

3) Indiabulls: Sameer Gehlaut, Age 41 ($1.5 Billion)


Sameer Gehlaut is Founder of Indiabulls, one of the leading business conglomerates in India. Company is engaged in Housing Finance and Real Estate business and is among most trusted brand in its sector.

4) Manipal Education & Medical Group: Ranjan Pai, Age 42 ($1.8 Billion)


Ranjan Pai is among richest person in Education Sector, at age 42 he is among youngest Billionaires in India. A personal net worth of 1.8 Billion USD, his Manipal Education & Medical Group operates a network of 6 colleges, including 4 overseas, in Malaysia, Antigua, Dubai and Nepal. It also runs 16 hospitals and is due to open one more in Bangalore.

5) Glenmark Pharmaceuticals: Glenn Saldanha – Age 44 ($2 Billion)


Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is run by Glenn Saldanha. This made Glenn Saldanha one of the richest person in India with net worth of 2 Billion USD

6) Firestar Diamond: Nirav Modi, Age 44 ($1.4 Billion)

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Nirav Modi is a Billionaire at the age of 44. He founded Firestar Diamond, which makes diamond jewellery for exports. Nirav Modi also operated High Profile Jewellery store in USA and India whose clients are Celebrities and wives of Billionaires.

7) Aditya Birla Group: Kumar Birla, Age 48 ($7.8 Billion)

Kumar Mangalam Birla --621x414

Kumar Birla who is heading Aditya Birla group since age of 27 is among youngest Billionaires in India. He is also ranked among 10 Richest Persons in India. His personal net worth dipped this year but still quite a lot.

8) Embassy Property Development Company Ltd: Jitendra Virwani, Age 49 ($1.7 Billion)


Jitendra Virwani’s Embassy Property Development is expanding despite a Real Estate slowdown. He owns a Hilton Hotel and various Tech Parks in country. His personal Net worth is 1.7 Billion USD and he is still under 50.

 9) Welspun Group: Balkrishan Goenka, Age 49 ($1.4 Billion)

Vintage car lover Balkrishna Goenka is founder-chairman of the $3 billion (revenues) Welspun Group, which makes Textiles, Pipes and Steel.

10) Sun Group: Kalanithi Maran, Age 50 ($2.7 Billion)

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Tax Raids, Tussle with Government, and Government’s allegation that Sun was a potential threat to national security because Maran and his politician brother Dayanidhi are embroiled in a telecom corruption case. Despite all these disruptions and allegations, Self Made Billionaire Kalanithi Maran who founded Sun TV and Network is still among richest persons in India.

 Their Personal Net worth are more than a billionaire and age wise they are youngest Billionaire in India.

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