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10-Year-Old World’s Fattest Boy Who Weighs 192 Kilos Put On Crash Diet To Save His Life

A 10-year-old boy has been named the world’s fattest child. Arya Permana from West Java Province in Indonesia weighs 192 kilograms….

By Administrator in International News on June 30, 2016

A 10-year-old boy has been named the world’s fattest child. Arya Permana from West Java Province in Indonesia weighs 192 kilograms.

Arya, from the village of Cipurwasari in the Arawang Regency, weighs 192 kg. His ballooning weight has left him unable to walk, forcing him to stop attending school. He has taken to wearing a sarong after his parents were no longer able to find clothes that fit him. Arya diet comprises of five meals which consist of rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup and a traditional soy patty. Technically, this amount of food is enough to feed two adults.

Arya Permana, ten, weighs 192 kilograms and is reduced to wearing just a sarong as normal clothes do not fit him.

Source: Caters News Agency

His mother Rokayah  told The Daily Mail, “He has an enormous diet and can actually eat meals of two adults at one time. My son is growing up at a rapid rate and I am worried for his health. I do not know any other way to stop him from gaining more weight than to give him less food. He can only take small steps before he loses balance. I wish to see my son studying and playing with other kids in the neighbourhood,”

Source: Caters News Agency

Arya, the second son of Rokayah, 35, and her husband Ade Somantri, 45, a farmer, was born at home via natural birth and weighed a normal 3.2kg. Arya had gained weight at an abnormal rate for his age. Despite this, his parents said they were not worried initially as they were happy to see their son “healthy”.

Source: Caters News Agency

Doctors could not find anything abnormal about his. Rokayah and Ade took Arya to several doctors in their village in Cipurwasari in West Java, Indonesia, but surprisingly, doctors did not find anything abnormal about his alarming weight.

Source: Caters News Agency

The doctors warned that his extreme obesity is life-threatening, his parents have kept him on an emergency diet of brown rice. However his mother, Rokayah, was left confused when a doctor during a recent hospital check-up declared Arya was “healthy”. She is clueless about the reason behind her son’s recent weight gain.

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