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Here are 10 ways to rule your guy’s heart you didn’t know about

We often hear the boys complaining about our behavior and tantrums. They call us nagging girlfriends (Isn’t that rude?) Being…

By Abhinav D Anand in Impress a guy Relationship on June 6, 2017

We often hear the boys complaining about our behavior and tantrums. They call us nagging girlfriends (Isn’t that rude?) Being a girl, even I feel that at times we overdo things, but we can’t help it because that is how we are, complicated yet loving.  Let’s not worry about this, and try to conquer his heart with these 10 suggestions –

1. Give him his space –

When he is with his family or friends let him be with them instead of calling or texting him every other minute(I know it’s a bit difficult!)


2. Don’t interfere in his life –

Yes! He lived his life on his own policies even when you were not even a part of his life. It would be great if we let him deal with it in his own way. (This is a smart choice!)


3. Don’t be over possessive –

It is cute to be possessive at times, but doing it on a frequent basis becomes irritating. He has a life beyond us. (Do not dominate over things)


4. Try to sort out things on your own –

It is wrong to blame him for everything. Learn to clear out the mess if are responsible for it. This quality works wonders in the betterment of your relationship. (Don’t be fussy about small things.)


5. Plan things for him –

It is a two-way thing, you both need to keep each other happy. Planning surprises, day or night outs would make him love you more deeply. (Men do love surprises!)


6. Don’t try to change him –

Accept him the way he is. His flaws must be your favorite. Just allow him to be himself in front of you.


7. Tell him how much you love him –

Don’t ever take your man for granted. It is nowhere wrong to say I love you first or to initiate intimacy. Take charge of things. Compliment him for his physique and talents. (Be expressive)


8. Have time for yourself –

Don’t behave like a psycho chick, and own a life. We do need to spend time with us. Go for outings and adventure. Do what you like instead of clinging onto hi. (This will make him realize he is dating an independent woman.)


9. Communicate with him instead of staying mum –

A good girlfriend often puts forward her opinion if she finds something wrong. Keeping quiet makes a relationship boring and integrated distances. (We love talking, bring those skills into practice.)


10. Try to love his friends –

Don’t ever nag him for his friends instead try to mingle up with his circle, and present your best in front of them. (this will make your man feel proud of you.)


Bring these qualities into practice, and be the reigning queen of your King. 🙂

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