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10 types of talkers, we all have around us!

Everybody has his/her own style of talking, and we get comfortable with it after some time. At times we find…

By Abhinav D Anand in Life Hacks Lifestyle on July 6, 2017

Everybody has his/her own style of talking, and we get comfortable with it after some time. At times we find it funny the way somebody talks while at times we get bored. This article is to acquaint you with the type of talker you and your friends are. So here we go!

The “I don’t care” one

This kind is actually one a kind. They speech at their voice no matter where they are, and never fail to embarrass people along. They are not the super excited kind, but the loudest kind. But they are always fun to have around. Especially when you want to fight with somebody.


The shy one

They hardly speak. They are mostly concerned about that nobody gets to hear what they speak. They would play with their purse, or any stuff available, but barely speak.


The abusive one

They are the best people! There every other sentence begins with an abuse and terminates with an abuse. They are the best people to talk to as they speak their hearts out and keep no grudges for anybody.


The not audible one

They speak as they don’t have  a voice box. They can make anybody feel that they haven’t cleaned their ears for ages. The best part is when they scold, it seems like they are pleading you for something. Poor souls.


The happiest kind

They carry a smile on their face even if they are sharing a sad sad news with you. The smile is always like a magic and an enhancement to their personality.


The too intellectual one

No matter what they talk about, it goes overboard. They live in the Rumi and Shakespeare zone, and never fail to make us feel dumb. We most of the time avoid initiating a conversation with them, but by chance it happens, There is no escape from those heavy thoughts!


The “What the F**k”one

They are so obsessed with that phrase. Be it in any situation, they would say the same thing “what the F**k.” They are interesting people to have around.


The talkative one

Their stock of gossips never comes meets an end. They never judge the pulse of the listener, but just keep on talking. You will never realize how time passed by.


The “expressions speak louder than words” kind

Their expressions speak whatever is in their mind or heart. They make amazing faces while talking. If you are not interested in listening to what they are talking about, you can just gaze at their expressions and pass the time! *Expert Advice*


The aggressive one

Even if they are speaking with love, it appears that they are scolding or angry with you! Their state of mood can never be judged through their talking. Just stay calm ad listen!


So what kind of a talker are you?

Tag your friends and let them know that what do you feeling about their communication style! Happy reading XD





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