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10 Spookiest Horror Movies That Were Actually Inspired From Real Life Incidences!

Horror movies already make us creep inside our blankets and do not step down till the sun is out. Well,…

By Administrator in Featured Hollywood on April 19, 2016

Horror movies already make us creep inside our blankets and do not step down till the sun is out. Well, to scare you even further we have a list of movies that were actually inspired by real life paranormal activities! Here are 10 horror movies based on true incidents that you absolutely need to see:

1. The exorcism of Emily rose (2005):


This is our favorite and can raise anyone’s Goosebumps and probably make it difficult for you to sleep alone. This movie was inspired from the real life of Jennifer Carpenter (Emily rose). In the 1970’s, she was believed to have been possessed by six or more demons. She began experiencing shaking and the inability to control her body at the age of 16 By the age of 21, her parents were seeking pastors to perform an exorcism on her so to relieve her of the evil powers!

2. Texas chain saw massacre (1974):


The movie is about a group of friends that visit an old bungalow in a village. The bungalow was once inhabited by sawyers who became cannibals. The haunted bungalow was the ancestral property of one of the girl in the group.  The movie was inspired by the real-life serial killer Ed Gein, who wore a leather face made out of the skin of women he killed and ate later on. Scary enough?

3. Eaten alive (1980):


A bar owner in a small city of Texas, had an alligator in his backyard. He fed him 20 women! And when the police came to question him, he shot himself. This story inspired the film makers to make eaten alive. The same film makers made Texas chain saw. Texas is a fishy place!

4. The entity (1982):


When a girl approaches parapsychologists as she feels being raped and abused by an invisible force, they find out there were evil forces at play. All her friends and family thought that she is losing her mind, but little did they know about the ghost that was haunting her was very much real. This is the real story of Doris Bither who lived in California.

5. The Amityville horror (2005):


When a couple added every penny they had for a gorgeous house on the long island, they had no idea who the guests were. Believed to be haunted by a man named Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot who killed his entire family – six people total – inside the house just a year before the couple and their family shifted in. the house had very strange paranormal activities and noises. The evils of DeFeo use to make the husband kill the family members starting with their dog. Soon the wife noticed the weird behavior and fled the home with the rest of the family.

6. The conjuring (2013):


Two paranormal investigators named Ed and Lorraine warren claimed the presence of a witch named Bathsheba Sheran in the family house of persons in Rhode Island. The movie was inspired from the real life story of this house!

7. The strangers (2008):


Bryan Bertino, the director of the movie has claimed that the plot of the movie came from the real life break-ins that took place in his neighborhood during his childhood. The house intruders were inspired by the Mansion family murders of the 1970’s! go check the lock on your door!

8. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984):


Known as one of the best horror films ever made, it is about a boogeyman like character who enters peoples dreams and kills them with a glove of razors. It is not said to be completely based on real life, but it does relate to some unexplained deaths in southeast Asia, where men died during nightmares with no clear cause death.

9. The Haunting in Connecticut(2009):


A story of a family who moved into an old mortuary around the 1980’s. Most of the events shown in this family did not happen in real life, but the exorcism was a real life event. The true events were not able to be put in the movie as they were described to be too horrifying!

10. The Exorcist(1973):


This movie is known as a classic horror. Inspired by a 1949 case of a boy. The movie over exaggerated the real case of the boy, as the he actually survived and lived a normal life. This horror film was the first of it’s kind as it created the trend of making horror movies based on true stories.

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