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10 little ways to turn on your guy without making it obvious for him.

Men are such fascinating creatures. They are simple but complicated; rugged yet gentle. Thinking and wondering how to turn your…

By Administrator in Relationship on December 15, 2016

Men are such fascinating creatures. They are simple but complicated; rugged yet gentle. Thinking and wondering how to turn your guy on. Some of the ways to turn a man on may be surprising like knowing how to use a power saw, having hot girlfriends, and being able to hang out and drink beers like one of the guys. And of course, there are the obvious ways like wearing lingerie and any physical contact that typically comes before sex.

Yes, there many ways to do it nicely and without making it obvious. Are you confused? Do not worry.

1.  The sight of your bra strap.

The shoulder is the sexy part of the body, and showing the bra strap is a tease which makes his mind think and the imagination goes way beyond.

2. Reasons to sit on him.

When you are with your friends at a party or a date with your guy, find reasons to sit on his lap without making it obvious. The time you sit on his lap, he won’t think of anyone else than you.

3. Leave behind your sexy red lingerie on his bed.

By mistakenly leave your red hot spicy lingerie on his bed and then see how fast his mind imagines with the tiny hint you left.

4. Walk around pantless in your house.

Wear his oversized old shirt and have an exciting factor and that’s the perfect way to make his mind race towards you.

5. Bend it over

This is the best way to turn on your guy, by dropping something and bending down showing all your assets in whichever way you like.

6. Wear clothes which are fitted.

Don’t be shy to show your curves, guys love them, so girls its time for you to flaunt your body and look sexy.

7. Wear something that he loves you in.

The compliments you get when you wear the dress he loves. If he has imagined you with that sexy dress, he must have also imagined you without the dress.

8. Dress up when he is around.

Take as much time as you want to select your outfit and get dressed up in front him. In reverse, he will imagine you without it for the rest of the days.

9. Send him naughty emojis.

If he is not around you send him naughty emojis and text.

10. Compliment him.

It must be the great to turn him own by just giving oral sex and less of work and efforts.

These are the some of the ways where you can try to turn on your guy and have fun and enjoy with him.

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