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10 Headless Bodies Recovered From Hirakhand Express Derailment

As we have informed you about the derailment in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh. Around 50 people were injured, and 40 were…

By Administrator in News Viral on January 24, 2017

As we have informed you about the derailment in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh. Around 50 people were injured, and 40 were killed. This incident happened on Saturday night. On Monday the number of the passenger killed rose to 41 in the Hirakhand Express accident. According to the administration of Rayagada, Railway authorities says it’s 39. 10 dead bodies were received at the district hospital, and the bodies are without heads.
An officer from district administration who is not allowed to talk to reporters, he said that the pictures of the bodies were uploaded at the helpdesk so that if anyone is looking for their family or relative, they can identify them through the picture. The officer said,“But we stopped after some time as showing the distorted bodies with the clothes torn apart could get us into trouble given the human rights condition.”
The Red Cross National Youth, Kiran, she was helping to shift all the bodies from the ambulance to the post-mortem room. Kiran said,“I shivered when I saw some of the bodies. Body parts of several of the deceased were severely crushed; the eyeball had come out in one instance.”

The Red Cross volunteer even said that the hospital was not giving the necessary treatment to the patients. So, many injured passengers left the hospital and went even though they were not recovered.
One of the injured passenger’s relatives, Rahim Khan, said, in the hospital, there was no MRI facility or any facility which can scan a body fracture properly.
34 bodies were brought to the hospital out of which 24 were killed on Sunday. There are two bodies which are not identified yet, and two legs are recovered from the site. Most of the dead bodies were identified by their clothes which they were wearing. Their relatives identified them.
On Monday, a reporter wanted to check the list of deceased passengers in the hospital at the helpdesk, two policemen stopped him and asked him for who is he looking?
About this, the reporter asked the reason to the constable why are they doing this, then the constable said, “A man tried to falsely claim a body in a bid to get compensation. At the last moment, it was found that the body belonged to some other family. So, we are asking people to tell us the name first, or else they will see who all are unidentified and claim the same name.”

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