1 Ball Injured 3 Players At The Same Time! Watch The Hilarious Video Which We Have Never Seen Before

Cricket has some of the funniest incidents ever which make us laugh too much, whether it is about the weird style of batting or crazy stomping, the video of some or the other always comes on the Internet. The Same thing has happened to make you laugh.

In the match between Footscray Edgewater and Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket club in a Victorian Premier League, a single ball has injured 3 different players. Yes, the ball is hit so hard that it has injured not one, not two but three players. And this happened at the same time. This is not a joke it has really happened.

You want to know how the batsman hit the ball and hurt three players at same time. Watch the video below.

The batsman wanted to get maximum hit and it was out. At the time he hit the ball, it went like a speed of a bullet.

The ball hit the non-striker batsman, even the batsman who hit the shot got a shoulder injury. The ball even hit the Umpire’s feet and even the bowler’s face. In the Cricket game, we don’t know what happens at any moment. This video is the proof of how the Game is.

So, what do you guys say about the video? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below.


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