‪Malaika Arora Khan‬‬, Arbaaz Khan‬ already tumultuous relationship has taken an ugly turn now. According to Mumbai Mirror, Malaika is finally filing for a divorce and is ending her 18 year old marriage with ArbaazMalaika had walked out of their Bandra home with 14-year-old son, Arhaan, three months ago and rented an apartment in Khar.

The two recently hosted a TV reality show, Power Couple on Sony Entertainment Television, together. However, Arbaaz was often left on his own as Malaika would repeatedly leave to tend to other commitments. They appeared together in just three episodes but after much persuasion, agreed to shoot together. However, they would always reach the sets or leave for home in separate cars and stay in separate hotel rooms.  She also didn’t turn up for sister Amrita Arora Ladak’s 35th birthday in Dubai on January 31, since Arbaaz was in attendance. She was also a no show at sister-in-law Arpita Khan Sharma’s baby showers in Dubai and Mumbai in February.

Malaika and Arbaaz after shooting three episodes of ‘Power Couple’ has stopped featuring together. Earlier, Arbaaz had also expressed is love with Malaika saying, “I love Malaika but I’m possessive about her. It wasn’t like this when she was younger or I was new into the relationship. She is precious to me. I’m afraid of losing her now.”



Salman Khan tried to patch up the things between ‪Malaika Arora Khan‬‬, Arbaaz Khan‬. In a last ditch effort, he called up his sister-in-law to make her understand that ending the marriage of almost two decades is not a good idea. But seems like Malaika has now made up her mind.